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New Year Sexy New You

Sexy New You

Sexy New YouWhen it comes to your intimate apparel, it might be time for a big, sexy New Year’s makeover.  Why not make this year your sexiest one ever?  A little extra attention to a few intimate wardrobe details can make a world of difference in how you feel about yourself–resulting in a whole new attitude in your life and in your bedroom.

Underwear Overhaul:  The beginning of a new year is a great time to pay some attention to your underwear drawer and give it that major overhaul (or little tweak) that likely is long overdue. What things should you toss?  Anything stretched out, ripped, torn, stained or anything that is no longer doing its job. If you haven’t worn something in over a year, chances are you aren’t going to; now’s the time to make room for the things you really love and enjoy.

Lacy…and Racy:  There is a time and a place for sturdier, practical, no-nonsense undergarments.  And then there is a time to wear that super sexy lingerie that is absolutely begging to be seen and will make you feel like a million bucks!  Make sure your lingerie wardrobe has a few of these super sexy and oh-so-girly pieces in it that are sure bring out all of your feminine charms and make you feel like the sexy woman that you are.  Lace trimmed bras and panties in a matching set are a great place to start.

You’re a woman…not Nanook of the North!  Yes, we know its January but don’t fall into the “I must dress like an Eskimo” trap that the winter can sometimes bring, at least not while in the bedroom.  Hats, parkas, scarves and gloves are all wonderful wardrobe items to keep you warm outside, and will keep away the winter’s chill, but in the bedroom there are far more effective ways of creating heat that involve far less clothing!  Sexy and sensual lingerie may be a surprisingly effective combatant to winter!  Trust me on this!

Try Something New:  A New Year is also a time to try something new and break out of the old mold that perhaps in the past has defined you.  Live outside the box a little bit and try some peek-a-boo lingerie, sheer lingerie pieces, corsets and matching garter belts, leather or vinyl looks, or even the slam dunk elegance of a long dreamy gown–if it’s a new look for you it’s bound to get you some serious attention and make you feel wonderfully sexy at the same time.

Make the most of the New Year and put some sexy focus back on numero uno in 2014!   Make this the year to look and feel your sexy best! 

Lady in Red

The Lady in Red

The Lady in RedThe color red–it’s fiery.  It’s passionate.  It’s the color of love.  The big question then, may very well be, why aren’t YOU wearing red lingerie?  Red lingerie is beautiful, bold and yes ladies, it does make a strong and sexy statement.  There may be however, a few other lesser-known facts about wearing red undies that you may not be aware of.  Making some seemingly innocuous color changes to your lingerie wardrobe could very well have some powerful effects that pack a wallop in your love life.

The Red Effect:  The color red has been scientifically proven to have some amazing effects on the body.  Women who are ovulating are said to have a slight pink or reddish flush to their skin, which subliminally is very attractive to men.  Mother Nature has seemed to have cleverly devised a way to make women their most attractive during their most fertile time.  For centuries, however, women have obviously known that adding a little red or pink to their skin amps up their sex appeal.  Pink blushes and lip colors have been used for thousands of years to perk up the female complexion and women have used these colors on their skin to appear more attractive.  Using the color red as a lingerie choice could actually have the same effect on your body by livening up the color of your skin. 

You Make My Heart Beat Faster:  The red effect is about much more than just making you look more vibrant and beautiful.  Red is a very sexually stimulating color and psychologically it is proven to intensify emotions.  This can be a very useful tool to remember when making lingerie selections as the color red can heighten sexual feelings, passion and arousal.  Red is scientifically proven to increase both the heart and breathing rates.  Most obviously, red is an intense attention getter.  It is both bold and powerful and when this color is introduced to your most intimate wardrobe, it can definitely add some sizzle to your love life.

Red LingerieAnd There’s More!  If you ask most men what their favorite color of lingerie is, most of them are not necessarily going to answer “red”.  The interesting thing is that when surveyed, men preferred women wearing red when they were asked to look at women wearing red dresses and white dresses.  Overwhelmingly the men found the women wearing the red dresses much more sexually attractive.  The girls in the white dresses appeared “nicer” while the girls in the red dresses were deemed “hot”!  

For Practical Gals:  Right now I can hear some of you girls out there saying, “I just don’t wear red.  It’s too impractical.”  Well, for you gals (especially you lovers of all things beige)-hear this.  When all your nude and beige bras are in the laundry and you want to wear white–guess what?  A red or pink bra will blend into your skin and actually fade away under your white clothes.  Don’t believe me?  TRY IT.  It’s an amazing well-kept secret that just might convince a few of you to add some beautiful radiant reds to your lingerie wardrobe.

Red.  It’s hot and sexy for summer.  It’s warm and delicious for fall.  It’s an obvious Christmas color, too.  Why-oh why-aren’t you wearing it?

Caffeine Fix: Lingerie Style

French Shapers

French Shapers

I thought the undies I wrote about in last week’s post (the ones with the built in vibrating components) sounded pretty damn fabulous.  I am pleased to report that now there are some equally intriguing knickers out there that are apparently going to reshape, refine and de-cellulite my ass.  Ay Caramba! 

A French lingerie company has added ingredients to their fabrics that claim to tone and refine your cellulite ridden body parts.  This is not the first lingerie or clothing manufacturer to try adding special additives to their fabrics that tout special benefits.  Wrangler has a line of women’s jeans that have moisturizer built into the fabric of the denim.  Other lingerie manufacturers have also come out with shaper-style garments with similar ingredients infused into the fabrics that are supposed to rub into your skin during wearing.  The special ingredients are supposed to help smooth cellulite and create a smoother look to those unsightly lumps and bumps, creating a more refined and sculpted look on your derriere.   This latest reincarnation of the power shaper has been created by French lingerie designer, Simone Perele and is sold under the “Top Model” label.  The shaper fabric is laced with Caffeine, Aloe Vera, Retinol as well as Vitamin E.  (The garments are also laced with lace, too girls; after all we are talking French lingerie here.) 

Now we are all familiar with shapers; they are a lingerie mainstay for us gals that like to wear form-fitting clothes.  The right shaper will make you look better in your clothes whether or not they contain caffeine.  These “caffeinated” shapers, with prolonged and continued use, might create an improved appearance in those lumpy bits even after the lingerie is off of your body.  You won’t be losing any weight from wearing this stuff, but the claim is that you will look slimmer because your thighs and bum will supposedly be smoother.

I am always skeptical about a quick fix that requires little effort.  But, as we gals know all too well, sometimes diet and exercise just don’t’ get rid of that annoying cellulite which even shows up on skinny chicks.  I suppose for that reason these shapers might be worth a try.  Just know that the scientific research on caffeine and cellulite has shown very inconsistent results and the effects (at best) tend to be minimal.  That said; if you were going to wear a shaper anyway, why not give one of these a try?  What have you got to lose?  (Besides a few unwanted bumps…)

According to the research done by this French lingerie company, 63% of women who tried these groovy new caffeinated shapers saw a reduction in their cellulite after using the garments for a minimum of 28 days.  The effects are likely not super dramatic, otherwise we would have read about a mob scene in the lingerie store by now, but they might be worth a try.  I’m always down for a good caffeine fix anyway.

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