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The Laws of Lingerie

The Laws of Lingerie

The Laws of Lingerie

If you came here looking for some legitimate, on the book regulations regarding your sweet little nothings–well, at least to my knowledge, there aren’t any.  That’s not to say, however, that there aren’t a few lingerie rules that we wish (oh, how we wish) that the general population would follow.  A few basic lingerie guidelines could make the world a much better place!

Rule #1:  Lingerie is not just about sex.  No one knows better than we do that lingerie can (and should) be sexy.  Lingerie is that last layer of clothing worn right next to your skin.  It’s intimate.  It’s private.  It’s sensual.  Lingerie also has a job to do and most of the time, that job really has very little to do with sex.

Rule #2:  Lingerie must be comfortable.  Lingerie is worn all day, every day, around the clock, through almost every bit of our daily lives.  Why–oh why–would any woman suffer through wearing something that is uncomfortable, irritating, binding or just plain annoying?  She shouldn’t.

Rule #3:  Lingerie must fit properly.  In order to accomplish Rule #2 as well as to accomplish the important, supportive job that lingerie is supposed to do, it absolutely must fit well.  Don’t just go to the rack and buy the same old size you’ve always worn.  Over a woman’s lifetime, her body changes many times.  Do yourself a big favor and get a proper bra fitting and try things on to see how they work for you.

Rule #4:  Lingerie is primarily for YOU.  Yes, we know for certain that your lingerie may be worn for an audience now and then. Your lingerie, however, should be purchased with your own desires in mind.  If you feel good in your lingerie, that exudes a kind of sexy confidence that nothing else can. Wear lingerie for you and wear what makes you feel great.  A woman who holds herself with confidence commands attention and ultimately, this is what will make you the most attractive.

Rule #5:  All lingerie is not created equally.  Know your body type, love what’s great about it and learn to work with what you’ve got.  Women tend to be overly critical of their bodies and when something doesn’t look good on them, they blame their own flaws.  Perhaps the problem isn’t you at all, but rather it’s the lingerie just not fitting you correctly because it was made for a different body type.  Find and embrace the things that work best for you because sexy comes in many shapes and sizes. 

Rule #6:  A sale does not always equate to a good deal.  Lingerie is frequently priced and put on sale to encourage you to buy multiple items.  This is great if the items are what you need, but if you end up buying five g-strings for the price of four and they just sit in the drawer, this is not a bargain. 

Rule #7:  Wear what you love.  Like other clothing items, lingerie fashion has trends and styles that seem to go in and out of style.  The beauty of lingerie, however, is that because it’s worn under your clothes, you don’t have to feel like you must be a victim to every whim and wave of lingerie fashion.  When you find styles that flatter and fit you well and make you feel confident, stick with those and don’t feel guilty about wearing them whatsoever.

Rule #8:  Lingerie comes in colors other than beige, black and white.  Lingerie has very practical functions but it can still also be fun. Don’t feel trapped into always buying the most practical and functional styles and colors.  A bra and panty set in a vibrant color is a real mood lifter on any day of the week. 

The laws of lingerie are actually very simple and pretty clear.  Make every day a great underwear day! 

Eight Sexy Lingerie Pieces Every Woman Needs

Eight Sexy Lingerie Pieces

Eight Sexy Lingerie Pieces

Having the right lingerie can make a huge difference for every woman.  It’s not just about having the right stuff to go underneath your clothes, either.  There’s a time and a place for a wide variety of sexy lingerie pieces.  These eight items should be considered must have staples in every woman’s lingerie drawer. 

Smooth, seamless bra:  A seamless bra is a basic to be sure, but wow is it going to make you look drop dead fabulous in those clingy t-shirts and tight sweaters.  Look for one that gives you the seamless coverage you need without seams, lace or other accoutrements that might look strange under form fitting clothes.  Think a basic bra can’t be sexy?  Think again.

A Flirty Bra & Panty Set:  There’s something about sexy bra and panty set that makes you feel all girly and sexy.  Choose one in a color that flatters your skin tone and makes you feel feminine.  Red or bright pink not only look great on most people but you’d be surprised at how wearable these colors are under most clothing. 

Silky Chemise:  The chemise is a classic style that flatters virtually everyone.  Although it’s a basic, when it comes to sexy allure and appeal, this little number really packs a wallop.  The chemise looks good on every figure type, super comfortable and easy to wear, yet is surprisingly sexy at the same time.

Pretty Robe:  Having a robe that is pretty but will still allow you to cover up when needed is a great way to look and feel glamorous as well as sexy.  The last thing you want to do is cover up all that beautiful sexy lingerie with a tattered old terry cloth robe!  A sexy and silky robe is a sure fire way to make you look and feel like a goddess!

Sports Bra:  Active gals need a good sports bra to support and hold the girls in place while doing more physical activities.  Just because a bra is practical and supportive, doesn’t mean that it can’t be fun, however.  Sports bras come in many colors and patterns.  Look for one that does it’s job well and can even be worn on it’s own if you like. 

Shapewear:  Even the most fit and toned women need a little shaping under form fitting clothes.  A good piece of shapewear is going to give you a little help keeping things in place and holding you in where necessary.  Smoothing out any unnecessary bumps and bulges can visibly take pounds off your figure as well.  Shapewear will hold in your tummy and make your rear end look fabulous, creating a sleeker look under many clothing items.

Sexy Teddy-The teddy might be one of the best kept lingerie secrets out there.  Wearing a teddy underneath your clothes will not only make you feel super sexy and while creating a smooth and svelte look, but it will also allow you to show just a peek of it when worn underneath a blouse or a suit.  The coup de grace comes when the clothes come off later and there you are in that sexy teddy, looking nothing short of amazing!

Hosiery or Thigh Highs:  A lot of women have all but forgotten the sex appeal of hosiery.  Trust us on this fact, there is something highly erotic and sensual about stockings.  If you haven’t tried wearing a garter belt and thigh highs, it may be time to give this vintage inspired look a try.  Stockings are very sexy, very playful and quite simply, very hot.

New Year Sexy New You

Sexy New You

Sexy New YouWhen it comes to your intimate apparel, it might be time for a big, sexy New Year’s makeover.  Why not make this year your sexiest one ever?  A little extra attention to a few intimate wardrobe details can make a world of difference in how you feel about yourself–resulting in a whole new attitude in your life and in your bedroom.

Underwear Overhaul:  The beginning of a new year is a great time to pay some attention to your underwear drawer and give it that major overhaul (or little tweak) that likely is long overdue. What things should you toss?  Anything stretched out, ripped, torn, stained or anything that is no longer doing its job. If you haven’t worn something in over a year, chances are you aren’t going to; now’s the time to make room for the things you really love and enjoy.

Lacy…and Racy:  There is a time and a place for sturdier, practical, no-nonsense undergarments.  And then there is a time to wear that super sexy lingerie that is absolutely begging to be seen and will make you feel like a million bucks!  Make sure your lingerie wardrobe has a few of these super sexy and oh-so-girly pieces in it that are sure bring out all of your feminine charms and make you feel like the sexy woman that you are.  Lace trimmed bras and panties in a matching set are a great place to start.

You’re a woman…not Nanook of the North!  Yes, we know its January but don’t fall into the “I must dress like an Eskimo” trap that the winter can sometimes bring, at least not while in the bedroom.  Hats, parkas, scarves and gloves are all wonderful wardrobe items to keep you warm outside, and will keep away the winter’s chill, but in the bedroom there are far more effective ways of creating heat that involve far less clothing!  Sexy and sensual lingerie may be a surprisingly effective combatant to winter!  Trust me on this!

Try Something New:  A New Year is also a time to try something new and break out of the old mold that perhaps in the past has defined you.  Live outside the box a little bit and try some peek-a-boo lingerie, sheer lingerie pieces, corsets and matching garter belts, leather or vinyl looks, or even the slam dunk elegance of a long dreamy gown–if it’s a new look for you it’s bound to get you some serious attention and make you feel wonderfully sexy at the same time.

Make the most of the New Year and put some sexy focus back on numero uno in 2014!   Make this the year to look and feel your sexy best! 

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