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His Semen: It Might Make You Happier

Is your man telling you that his semen is good for what ails you?

Is your man telling you that his semen is good for what ails you?“It’s Science”–Ron Burgundy

If your man is telling you that his semen is good for what ails you, he may very well be telling you the truth.  According to recent studies that actually measured the mood altering chemicals found in semen, having oral sex may actually make women feel happier.  The State University of New York conducted a study that compared the specifics of the sex lives of 293 women to their level of overall happiness and mental health.  The results of the study may actually surprise you!

Prior research had shown that certain chemicals found in male seminal fluid contained properties that could be mood elevating for women.  These chemicals were found to contain natural anti-depressants that could increase a woman’s feelings of lovingness, sense of well being, as well as her tendency toward affection.  These same seminal fluid chemicals also were found to enhance sleeping.  This same research conclusively proved that women who had regular unprotected sex were not only functioning cognitively at a higher level, but were measurably less depressed than the other tested groups who were either using condoms or abstaining from sex altogether.

Semen contains cortisol and estrone, which are known mood enhancers, in addition to oxytocin, another natural anti-depressant that is known to help you to unwind, by naturally reducing your blood pressure.  Other significant ingredients in semen that may have beneficial side effects include:  thyrotopin-releasing hormone, melatonin, (helps to induce sleep) and even a little seratonin (another natural anti-depressant) to boot.  Your man’s semen might actually be the best feel-good tonic out there–and who are we to argue with good science?

This latest study surveyed women’s sexual habits in detailed fashion, the results inarguably concluding that women who never used condoms were less depressed overall than those who did.  It was also noted that women who shunned the condom were still actively engaging in regular sex, clearly linking male semen to happier women.  This research seems to indicate that the more semen there is floating around in a woman’s body, the happier she seems to be. 

Our disclaimer:  Obviously we can’t emphasize enough that unprotected sex is safe only in a completely monogamous relationship.  We think it’s safe to assume that a loving, committed relationship will only enhance the anti-depressive effects that we are endorsing.  Unprotected sex with multiple partners will ultimately only create more risk and will likely do far more harm than good.

With a potentially power packed potion of happiness this readily available, what are you waiting for? Husbands and boyfriends of the world apparently now have one more reason to rejoice.

Blue Monday: How To Snap Out Of It

Blue Monday?

Blue Monday?Today is Blue Monday.  If you are feeling a little out of sorts, it’s not your imagination.  Scientifically speaking, on Blue Monday all sorts of yucky vibes collide into one ginormously sad and depressing mess, creating the perfect storm for a bad case of the blues.  This year, Blue Monday rears its ugly head on January the 20th.  What’s gone wrong? New Year’s resolutions have been abandoned.  Christmas bills are rolling in.  The holidays are over with little to look forward to but months more of wintery weather.  Are we all destined to be depressed or are their better ways to cope with all this wintertime angst?  Here are ten great ideas to help you cope with your mid-winter blues.

Sex.  Scientific evidence shows that having sex improves your mood.  (Well…duh.)  Getting busy in the bedroom will make you feel happier because by doing the deed your body makes more oxytocin, which naturally makes you feel more loving and relaxed.  After sex, your seratonin levels will naturally rise, which also improves your mood.

Exercise. Getting some exercise will not only get your body moving but it will get your blood pumping as well, which absolutely will wake you up and improve your mood.

Wear Something Pretty and Colorful.  The old adage states, “If you look good, you feel good.”  There is a definite psychological boost to wearing your favorite outfit–you know, the one that makes you look and feel your sexy best.  We suggest wearing something very sexy and pretty underneath it all, too–even if only you know it’s there.  Sexy lingerie will make you look and feel beautiful.

Make a To-Do List.  Depressed people tend to focus on the past and worry about things that are history.  Making a to-do list forces you to shift your focus to the here and now, which will in turn change your outlook to a more positive one.

Watch a Romantic Comedy.  Happy images and humor do create a positive emotional response within the body, including an increase of both oxytocin and seratonin.  Stay away from sad movies or heavy drama and stick to something upbeat and humorous.

Get Outside.  Sunshine and being outside in the daylight, even for short intervals, has been proven to improve your mood.  Even if you can only be outdoors for 15 minutes, it can make a difference in your outlook.

Hug Your Pet.  Interacting with a dog or a cat has been proven to reduce stress, anxiety and blood pressure.  If you are fortunate enough to have a pet, take some extra time to play with and pet your animal.  If you don’t have a pet, perhaps a good friend does and visiting will lift your spirits.

Sing!  Nothing really elevates your mood faster than singing at the top of your lungs, even if you feel a little bit silly doing so.  Sing in the car, or sing in the shower if you are feeling self-conscious. 

Eat Chocolate.  Go ahead and indulge in a little chocolate if you are feeling a little down.  Chocolate boosts seratonin levels and will make you feel better–but we already knew this didn’t we?

Get Extra Zzzz’s.  Getting ready for a stressful Monday?  Do yourself a favor and hit the sack early on Sunday night.  Even a little extra sleep can help you cope with the extra chaos that Monday often brings and will get your week off on the right track. 

Peek-a-Boo Lingerie: Because All He Wants To See Is You

Peek a Boo Wedding Lingerie

There is sexy lingerie and then there is sexy, he can’t take his eyes off you, his heart nearly stops, lingerie.  Peek-a-boo lingerie definitely fits the bill of the latter.  It might take a bit of bravado to wear some of these ultra sensual body enhancing pieces–but once you get over any shyness you might be experiencing, the rewards will be immense and maybe even intense.

Peek a Boo Wedding LingerieWhat Exactly is Peek-A-Boo Lingerie?  Think of Peek-a-Boo lingerie as a picture frame for the absolute sexiest parts of your body.  These revealing lingerie pieces are designed to show a little more skin that many other more traditional lingerie items, leaving less to the imagination but allowing you to show off your most ultimate sexy side at the same time.  The name “Peek-a-Boo” comes from the fact that carefully designed cut outs placed into the lingerie itself will allow you to show off and expose your body in a way that no other lingerie can.  For example, cup-less pieces may only frame your breasts instead of covering them up, allowing you to really show off the girls while still enticingly covering the rest of yourself up.  The allure of these peek-a-boo pieces can be absolutely tantalizing, not to mention thrilling.  Peek-a-boo lingerie items are available in many styles of bras, teddies, panties, baby dolls and more.

Why Would I Want to Wear Peek-a-Boo Lingerie? There is something completely alluring, not to mention a bit teasing about wearing lingerie (however skimpy) as opposed to being completely in the buff.  Scanty lingerie fits the bill even more because it allows you to retain some of the comforts of wearing clothing while letting your inner vixen run completely wild at the same time.  Peek-a-boo lingerie allows touching and caressing in your most intimate places with clothing still technically “on” that other lingerie pieces simply will not.  You are hot, sexy and still in control because there is nothing like a “peek” to simply drive your man crazy.

Why He Loves It. He will probably never tell you this, but your man really does want you to seduce and tease him.  Imagine the seductive powers of peek-a-boo lingerie, especially if you are wearing it underneath some much more sensible clothing that he has to remove first.  As soon as he realizes what you are wearing (or not wearing, depending on how you want to look at it) he is going to be simply crazy with desire–which is sort of the point of wearing this type of lingerie in the first place, isn’t it? 

What’s In It For You.  There is nothing more intoxicating for a woman than feeling beautiful, sexy and completely desired by her man.  Wearing lingerie that simply screams, “I feel beautiful and I want to seduce you,” will send a message to him in a hurry without you having to utter a single word. 

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