2013 – The Year of the #Selfie

The Year of the SelfieIt’s a brave new world out there, and celebrities–famous or infamous–are quick to realize that publicity (sometimes whether it’s bad or good) is going to get them noticed in a hurry.  A modern form of self-portraiture known as taking a “selfie” has completely taken over social media.  A picture is worth a thousand words–and a sexy selfie seems to be worth even more.  As if we didn’t know enough about celebrities (and just about anyone) already, well the selfie has taken the information age to an entirely new level. 

Some of these celebrities are becoming more famous for their sexy selfies than just about anything else they do, and don’t think it’s accidental.  Celeb pics of Rihanna, Nicki Minaj, Miley Cyrus, Tyra Banks, Lady Gaga, Ariana Grande and Kim Kardashian are burning up Instagram and Twitter.  Having a slow press day in Hollywood?  There’s nothing like a sassy and revealing lingerie shot or a nearly nude photo showing up somewhere on social media to heat things up…and in a hurry.

Now that virtually everyone has a cell phone camera ready and waiting and just begging to be used, the selfie has become a social media phenomenon. (You’ve probably done it, too.)  The word “selfie” is purported to soon be officially added to the Oxford dictionary, the definition being: Selfie (noun) A self-shot photo, usually taken with a mobile phone and posted online to social media sites.  Celebrities are doing it, politicians are doing it, the Pope is doing it and heck your mother is probably doing it, too.  2013 has become the year of the #selfie.

Instagram is the home of the #selfie (hashtag selfie) and is the official happening hot spot for wannabe photographers who want to show a little self-love.  Instagram allows users to take their shots and then edit and post them for millions of followers to see.  Normal everyday folks taking selfies may not have as many followers as famous people do, but their numbers count, too.  The number of photos containing the hashtag #selfie is reported to be well over 35 million this year.  (Think about that for a minute.)  Some of the other popular hashtags being used with posted selfies are #selfies, #selfiesunday, #selfiesaturday, #selfienation, #selfiecentral and #selfiemonday.  And so it goes.

Self-portraits have become almost a form of art to this new generation and absolutely are a bold new means of communicating.  But is it all just too much information?  Is this new trend going to open up what eventually becomes a very intimate dossier-style Pandora’s box?  In spite of the raging inferno that taking selfies has created, some things you may still want to consider keeping to your self. 

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