Panty Raid!

There’s no avoiding it for most of us; panties are a big part of our lives.   Most women have a bit of a love/hate relationship with their most intimate apparel, however.  Finding that perfect pair of panties that looks great under your clothes, but doesn’t look like granny panties yet still makes you feel sexy can be kinda tricky! Dealing with your underwear doesn’t need to be a messy tug-o-war.  Here are some interesting fun facts and statistics about your undies that will eventually help you to make peace with your panties.

As far as panty preferences go, here’s the low down on women who prefer:

  • Bikinis-37%
  • Briefs-23%
  • Thongs-19%
  • Boyshorts-17%
  • Other-4%

What kind of underwear does your guy want to see you in? 

What kind of underwear does your guy want to see you in?  Surprisingly enough, your guy may just as soon see you in an innocent pair of white panties over those crotchless black lace ones.  Sporty looks are popular with men, too.  Don’t assume that your underwear has to be super skimpy or somewhat scandalous in order to be sexy; sometimes simple does the job nicely.

Panty Problems, solved:  When surveyed, women said that the most common problem they faced with their panties was “riding up”.  There is nothing more annoying than underwear that requires constant tugging and pulling. The two most common reasons for riding up issues are caused by either panties that are just too small or panties that are worn out and have simply lost their mojo.  Go up a size if you need to and you will quickly lose that “cheeky” look.  If the elastic is shot, fabric is stained or frayed, or worse yet, you have unsightly holes, definitely give those panties the heave-ho!

VPL’s:  Visible panty lines are the nemesis of women everywhere. 10% of women confess to having gone “commando” on occasion in order to avoid VPL’s. The best way to avoid this panty faux pas varies of course from person to person, but the fastest and perhaps easiest way to banish the VPL, while still retaining a semblance of modesty, is to wear a g-string or a thong.  Since there is no seam or elastic band around your bum there can be no line cutting across it.  Some women are nervous about taking the plunge into the thong zone; here are a couple of pointers from the thong throng that will make your transition simply seamless.

  • Avoid thongs with a “string” back and opt for those with a little more fabric back there–1” or more.  These will be more comfy in and on the end. 
  • Thong newbies will notice a bit of a “wedgie” feel at first, but thong connoisseurs swear it disappears after awhile and it eventually feels very comfortable once you get used to it. Thongs are the fastest growing section of the panty business; obviously they are here to stay and are popular for a reason.
  • You don’t have to wear a thong “all” the time.  If thongs just aren’t your thing, save them for special or necessary occasions, you never know, they eventually might grow on you.

Panties.  The average woman owns around 21 pairs; 10% of us own over 35 pairs.  This skimpy little piece of fabric has the power to make us feel pretty, sexy or when ill chosen, can make us feel simply miserable.  Choose your panties wisely and make every day a good panty day!

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