Sexy Pics: Keeping Them Safe

Sexy Pics

I’m not you’re mother, so I am not here to give you a lecture.  I can almost hear my dear ol’ mom at the moment–surely she’d have something to say about all the trouble that people are getting into at the hands of modern technology.  Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve likely been made painfully aware of the possible breech in iCloud security or more likely a hack into the system.  Various celebs most private photos suddenly became very public, and wow, was this ever a wake up call to the world.  In these crazy times where it seems we are all addicted to technology, selfies, photo apps and social media, we must all also accept the fact that these things put together can create a recipe for potential disaster.  As we saw recently, that Cloud can quickly turn into a gale force hurricane, literally turning your life upside down.  What’s a girl to do?  Learn some things from this debacle and make yourself safer.

Check Your Settings.  Even if you are a “snap and then delete” kinda gal, you have to understand that depending on your phone’s settings, some Cloud services will whisk your data off to be stored within its cloudiness as soon as the photo is taken.  If you later delete the photo off your phone, it’s not necessarily deleted from the Cloud.  The only way to make absolute sure that the deleted pic is not on the Cloud, is to go and manually check and see if its still lurking there, and then delete it there.  The most obvious solution (especially if you are habitually taking a lot of compromising pics) is to make sure your settings do NOT automatically upload your pictures to the Cloud.  This simple setting change could potentially save you a lot of headaches.  You must be aware, however, that you will obviously lose the convenience of having your other photos automatically taken to the Cloud.  This means that unless you put the pics in the Cloud yourself, they will not be there–which could potentially be very tragic if your phone becomes damaged, lost or stolen.  This is one of those times when you definitely have to weigh the pros and cons.  Backing up your phone to your computer on a regular basis is a good place to start if you decide to keep your pics out of the Cloud.

Once the word was out about the iCloud hack or security breech, a lot of people got nervous–not just you and me.   Over 35% of iCloud users changed their security settings or altered their account in some way after this occurrence–so to say that the people at large were freaking out is kind of an understatement.  Cloud services are still fairly new and many folks are still learning the ropes and trying to gain a better understanding of how they work.  When a very public security breech occurs, it changes the way many of us feel about our security.  We all have private data–and it goes far beyond sexy selfies.  Any of us could just as easily have medical information, personal correspondence, financial papers, etc. that could be a concern if it’s up in the Cloud. 

Passwords or Passphrases:  Make sure your passwords (or better yet passphrases) are very strong.  Mix your phrases with capital letters, numbers and characters.  Change your passphrases every six months or so.  Having a strong passphrase will give you one more layer of security.  The truth is, (as has been so painfully illustrated recently) there is no such thing as a 100% safe Cloud.  If you have pictures or data that is highly sensitive, potentially devastating, embarrassing or compromising if stolen, it probably doesn’t belong in the Cloud.  The security of the Cloud is really in someone else’s hands (not yours)–so don’t leave things that are important to you at risk. 

The Smell of Pumpkin Pie: Could It Be the Ultimate Turn On?

Fall Smells

We all know how good the yummy things we associate with fall can smell.  Cinnamon, spice and many other seasonal scents such as pumpkin are simply everywhere this time of the year. For most of us, these luscious aromas are one of the best parts of the autumn season.  What you might not know is that the smell of pumpkin pie is also a huge turn on for your man.  Say what???  Believe it or not, researchers at the Smell and Taste Treatment and Research Foundation of Chicago found that specific smells actually had a tangible effect on a man’s sexual desire.  The smell of Pumpkin Pie actually topped the list, increasing penile blood flow by an average of 40% amongst the volunteers that participated in the study.  Maybe it’s time to rethink the scents we spritz and slather on our bodies.  Here are some of the other surprising smells that men found simply irresistible:

Lavender: One of the few fragrances on this list that might actually be practical enough to wear on your body, the scent of lavender also holds the honor of being one of the most sexually attractive to men.  Perhaps that lavender bubble bath before bed will do a little more for you than soothe your senses and ease you into blissful sleep.

Vanilla:  Rumor has it that a well-known celebrity actually carried a bottle of McCormick vanilla extract in her purse and dabbed it behind her ears, using it quite effectively as a sensual fragrance.  The reaction?  Apparently the male consensus thought she smelled positively amazing.  Now, we’re not suggesting that you take the whole vanilla scent thing this far, but some vanilla body lotion might be worth trying.

Citrus: Stimulating and invigorating to the senses, apparently the scent of citrus fruit can also have some aphrodisiacal effects on your man.  Grapefruit, orange and lemon all smell wonderful, but will also do a lot to get your man’s attention.

Black Licorice:  No one is suggesting that you head to the store looking for Eau de Licorice–but apparently if you are munching away on some licorice flavored Good and Plenty’s, you might find yourself surprisingly enticing. 

Donuts:  Yes, the scent of donuts will apparently really get a man going.  Clearly, Homer Simpson was on to something more than just a love for pastries.

Peppermint Candy: Popping that curiously strong peppermint Altoid into your mouth in order to freshen your breath may actually end up having some unexpected benefits! 

Cheese Pizza:  Planning a night in with your honey?  Ordering in that pizza might help to satisfy his hunger in more than one way.

Popcorn:  The scent of popcorn is so enjoyable to men that you might be crazy to consider a movie night at home without popping up a batch of popcorn to share.

Cinnamon Rolls: Popping in and baking some cinnamon rolls on a Sunday morning could likely make you number one on his list and he won’t even know what hit him!

Green Apple:  The crisp, fresh scent of green apple is a light and fresh aroma that offers up an amazingly tantalizing effect to your man’s libido.

Chocolate:  Now we’re talking.  Who doesn’t love the scent of chocolate?  Also well known to be an effective aphrodisiac when eaten, apparently the smell of chocolate offers up what could be justifiably called the “double whammy.”

Coconut:  This tropical fruit not only smells yummy and delicious but it will also put your man in the mood for love. 

Almonds:  The sensual scent of almonds is a male favorite–one he’s likely to go simply nuts for!

Clean, Soapy Smell:  Never underestimate the power of just smelling “fresh out of the shower.”  Always a male favorite, the scent of soap can be quite powerful but the beauty of smelling like soap is that it’s a fragrance that’s very simple to achieve.

Sex in Public: Hot or Not?

Sex in Public?

Not everyone feels it necessary to have sex in the sanctity of the bedroom. If a wild yearning to live outside the box a little and have some fun getting busy someplace unexpected has compelled you to want to try something completely novel and perhaps a little bit risky, you are not alone. Sex in a public (or preferably semi-public) place can be not only thrilling, but can arguably be a huge turn on for a lot of people, probably even more than you might actually think.  Doing the deed out in the open, however requires a little bit of thought–otherwise, one bad experience might be your last.

The Stats Don’t Lie:  According to various sex surveys, at least half of sexually active people have had sex in at least one public or semi-public place. Men’s Health recently conducted a survey of over 750 women. The survey showed that many women had already had sex in a public place, but even far more women were interested in trying out such an adventurous tryst.Unoccupied rooftops were used to have sex by 11% of surveyed women, with 63% more thought that they would be willing to try this sky high locale for a hot encounter. 20% of the surveyed women had already had sex in the ocean, while 58% more thought they would like to try sex in the surf. 20% of women surveyed had sex in an empty playground, with 42% wanting to try getting it on here. Lastly, the bravest (or dumbest) 8% of the surveyed women had tried having sex in a dark movie theatre, with another 19% wanting to give this a try.

The secret to having a sexually satisfying experience that doesn’t end badly (like with you being slapped with a lewd conduct charge) is to choose the location for your rendezvous wisely. It’s not enough these days just to avoid people who might inadvertently happen upon you, but in our modern world, it’s very important to consider the possibility of the omnipresent security camera! 

Location, location, location!

Utility Closet:  The utility closet has some definite pros and cons as a location for a sexual encounter. Obviously, the biggest pro is that it has a door, so the odds of someone just randomly walking by and seeing what you are up to without warning are reduced. The obvious downside is that logistically speaking, it might be tricky to have a very prolonged session in this type of circumstance. Utility closet sex probably implies “quickie”.

Changing Room:  The same quick and dirty philosophy likely applies if you are brave enough to try and have sex in a changing or dressing room. The good news is that you can practically guarantee that no one will walk in on you and there will be no security cameras filming in these places. The down side? Others may be traversing the dressing room area, so be mindful of noises that you make that may attract the kind of attention that you do not want. The mirror can be an obvious sexy “plus”.
The Car:  The car has likely been used to conduct secret sexual activity for as long as it has existed. The obvious downside is the complete lack of space for maneuvering and how easy laying on the horn suddenly becomes. The upside is that once you’ve found your own version of Lover’s Lane to park in, the world is your oyster, so have fun.

Cemetery:  If you don’t get creeped out easily, the local cemetery is usually not only private but will also likely be pretty deserted.

Golf Course:  Sneaking onto a public golf course after dark is another possibility for a sexy love-fest. The upside of the golf course is that the massive expanse of grass makes for somewhat cushy playing around, but bringing a blanket is never a bad idea.

A little bit of exhibitionism can be thrilling. The adrenaline rush that accompanies the “we might get caught” vibe can actually make the sex incredibly erotic and undeniably hot. 

Having sex in a public place may very well be the ultimate way to express your sexual spontaneity while having a truly thrilling adventure with your partner that the two of you will be winking at each other about for many years to come.

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