What You Don’t Know About Your Underwear

What You Don't Know About Your Underwear

We pull them on each and every day without giving it much thought–but what you might not realize is that there are a lot of crazy things about your underwear that you’re probably completely clueless about.  Here’s a list of random underwear factoids that are sure to shed some light on your unmentionables.

  • The average woman has over 20 pairs of underwear.  We can’t say for sure, but we’re guessing that since 27% of women claim to have frequent underwear issues that put them in a bad mood, some of a woman’s undergarment collection may only be used when the laundry is beginning to back up.
  • Speaking of wearing clean underwear…did you know that in France only 60% of men change their underwear daily?  French women do somewhat better, with 75% of French women reporting to wear a clean pair every day.
  • A shocking 9% of men have pairs of underwear that are over ten years old.
  • 80% of women are wearing the wrong size bra.  A woman’s bra size is purported to change about six times during her lifetime, so being refitted now and then is definitely prudent.  Some of the factors that may cause a bra size to change include pregnancy, childbirth, menopause, weight loss or gain or even a new exercise regimen.
  • 10% of women admit to going commando in order to completely avoid visible panty lines.  The term “commando” is said to have come from the military, where soldiers who endured rough conditions often dressed sans underwear in order to avoid conditions like crotch rot, chafing, jock itch, etc.  In case you have been wondering, it has been rumored that a true Scotsman always goes commando underneath his kilt.
  • The most popular type of woman’s panty is the good ol’ bikini, with over 37% of women claiming it as their favorite type of underwear.  Believe it or not, granny panties come in second with 23% enjoying their use.  Thongs are preferred by 19% of women, boy shorts by 17% and 4% of women prefer something categorized as “other.”
  • Did you know that your underwear says something about your personality?  Women who wear sexy g-strings are said to be more sexually liberated and confident about their bodies.  Women who like plain white cotton underwear have personalities that are simple and low maintenance.
  • The United Kingdom sells the highest number of large bra cup sizes.  Japan sells the highest number of small bra cup sizes.
  • The color of your underwear may offer some insight into your personality or mood.  Black is associated with power, courage and strength.  Blue is associated with creativity and mystery.  Green is associated with relaxation.  Red is associated with being vibrant and rebellious. Yellow is associated with cheerfulness.  White has been not only associated with calmness, but it has also been proven to be the surprising hands-down favorite color of female underwear to most men.
  • Lingerie is big business, bringing in 30 billion dollars annually.  Over 50% of the lingerie marketplace is attributed to bra sales.  30% of all lingerie sales are in briefs, while corsetry and other lingerie implements bring in just over 10% annually.
  • In the 1950’s it was popular for college age young men to break into the girl’s dormitory and steal the young women’s underwear.  The garments would then be hung up and displayed.  This activity became well known as a “panty raid.”
  • Men’s briefs were not introduced until the mid-1930’s, when jockey shorts revolutionized the world of male underwear.  Touting “scientific suspension” and “restful buoyancy” these undergarments have been a popular male choice in underwear ever since.

The Quest For Comfy Undies

Comfy Bra and Panties

You know the drill with your underwear.  Sometimes it pinches.  At times it rides up.  Occasionally it binds and squishes.  Now and then, its been known to even take your breath away!  Let’s face it, sometimes it really seems like getting underwear that stays put and feels great while still doing its job, just might be an impossible dream.  We are light years ahead of our female predecessors, however, as the quest for perfect under things has been one that women have been on for centuries and the journey hasn’t been so easy.

Let’s start with the corset. Several hundred years ago, women were lacing and tying themselves into what could arguably be considered something more akin to a human torture chamber than an actual piece of underwear.  Early corsets were a highly functional undergarment that, back in the day, most women wouldn’t be caught dead without.  Early corsets were very structured garments, fashioned from actual whalebones or even in some cases, steel frames.  These heavily framed and extremely stiff garments were designed to literally mold and contort a woman’s body into a desired shape, which actually once accomplished, sometimes was hardly anything close to what her natural shape might have been. Boobs were pushed up and together while the waist was cinched in to ridiculous tininess.  The result was an extreme, but oddly desired version of the hourglass figure.  Corsets could be hideously tight, highly restrictive and obviously were very uncomfortable.  A corset could be almost dangerous at times as well, squishing bodily organs into unnatural positions making it almost impossible at times to sit down or even to breathe!  It was not uncommon back in those days for a woman to literally swoon or faint because her corset was laced too tightly.  

Women eventually got smart–but it took awhile and the corset was worn for centuries as women tried to achieve that ridiculously exaggerated female shape that could only be provided via pain and quite a bit of suffering.  Although eventually more flexible and thus perhaps healthier corsets were eventually designed, as time wore on, corset use was largely abandoned in favor of garments that most of us might call “granny’s girdle.”  Old school girdles were very popular in the 1920’s and by the 1950’s women were at it once again, contorting their bodies into unnatural shapes and seeking after some very awkward and unnatural silhouettes.  Achieving conical, pointy breasts and tiny little waists required a whole different arsenal of women’s undergarments.  Thank goodness for the sixties when much more rebellious women were either burning their bras or went looking for lingerie that created a far more natural look.

Today’s modern woman still covets the high fashion looks of vintage lingerie–including the corset, which ironically is still considered one of the most seductive and erotic pieces of lingerie a woman can own. Thankfully, however, with modern fabrics such as stretch laces and spandex, it’s pretty easy to get the look of vintage lingerie without involving any of the suffering of yesteryear.  The next time you put on a comfy cotton t-shirt bra, or a skimpy little pair of bikinis, think about how far your underwear has come.  Now that is something you should be able to easily wriggle yourself into–with a smile.

The Big O – Surprising Facts You Didn’t Know

National Orgasm Day 2014

The Big O.  It’s something that is hotly pursued, absolutely reveled in, and of course, blissfully enjoyed–but there’s plenty about this wonderfully pulsating and euphoric sensation that we’re betting that you didn’t know.  Here’s some fun and strange facts about orgasm that might actually make your eyes pop!

National Orgasm Day.  Yes, people it is a real thing and so we hope you are coming! July 31 is the official celebration that marks this glorious event, but we’ve heard it’s really quite okay to celebrate on any day that ends in the letter “Y”.

Variety Is The Spice of Life. When it comes to having an orgasm, there are many ways to come to the party.  In addition to the traditional routes, (via sexual intercourse, masturbation, etc.) there are also some ways of getting the job done that are a little off the beaten path.  For example, have you heard of:

  • Nipplegasms-Nipple stimulation releases oxytocin, which has been known to induce sexual stimulation, including both uterine and vaginal contractions that could theoretically lead to an orgasm in some women.
  • Yogasms-A yogasm is the term for having an orgasm during Yoga class.  Some yoga poses are apparently conducive to a sexual response in some women.  And you wondered why there are so many flocks of females that are into this sport. 
  • Exercise Induced Orgasms-Apparently there are some women out there who have unexpected orgasms that are brought on by various forms of exercise.  This sort of orgasm can occur out of nowhere during core workouts, rope or pole climbing, biking or even while weight lifting.  We are still trying to decide if this type of unexpected “O” would be a good thing, but it does make one wonder about some of those groaning noises you sometimes hear people making while at the gym.
  • Mindgasms-In an interview with New York Magazine, Lady Gaga herself has claimed to own the skill of having a mind orgasm. Supposedly it is possible, but you must have to really get yourself into the zone–which would include having the right mindset, the right fantasy and the right breathing techniques to boot.  It sounds a little complicated.
  • Footgasms-For some folks, the feet can be a sensitive erogenous zone.  In some people, rubbing the feet has been known to be sexually stimulating enough to lead to an orgasm.  If you are looking for a more traditional foot-related means to an end, it’s been scientifically proven that if you warm up your icy cold feet before you have sex, you are 30% more likely to climax.


Orgasm–It Cures What Ails You.

  • Pain Reliever-An orgasm causes your body to release oxytocin, a natural pain reliever.  The next time you have a headache, instead of using the pain as an excuse to avoid sex, you should probably dive right in; you may actually get some relief!
  • Sleep Like a Baby-An orgasm will help you to sleep better.  The orgasmic response reduces blood pressure, helping you to fall asleep faster.
  • Mental Health-An orgasm can help relieve stress and anxiety and improve your overall sense of well being, in addition to improving your general outlook on life.
  • Boosts Immunity-Having regular orgasms has been linked to having a stronger immune system and helping your body stave off things such as the common cold.
  • Girly Issues-The endorphins that are released during sex and orgasm can ease menstrual cramps.


Happy National Orgasm Day from your friends at the Sexy Lingerie Shop! 

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